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Mary Cohr presents the latest revolutionary DERMO PEELING Treatment, a face treatment that gives a radiant complexion and a brighter skin tone whilst combating visible signs of ageing.

More and more women are going for peeling treatments nowadays which is said to resurface the skin, brighten the pigmentation and reduces visible signs of ageing.

Mary Cohr’s New mechanical peel is now also available for very sensitive skins and can even be performed in summer with very few or no side effects at all.

Mary Cohr presents:

  1. The Dermo Peeling  with Derma PH (Peeling with acid PH) ideal for all skin types.

The treatment stimulates cellular activity for a renewed skin effect as well as restores the PH of the skin. Finally the of the treatment ends with a face masque containing the active ingredients of Acticalm and Camelina Oil  to soothe and enhance protection of the skin whilst nourishing and restructuring the skin’s barrier

100% of women found  (tests conducted after one treatment )


80% of women felt that (tests conducted after 3 treatments)


  1. The Dermo Peeling with Dermabrasion (Mechanical Peel) ideal for sensitive skin

The treatment starts off with a 10 minute Peeling dermabrasion. Thanks to the Papaya extract dead cells are eliminated. The treatment proceeds with a massage using  ‘DermaNeuve’ to stimulate cellular activity for a renewed skin effect. It also restores the PH of the skin. Same as the Derma PH, the Dermabrasion Peeling treatment ends with the same masque  containing Acticalm and Camelina Oil to soothe, nourish and restructure the skin’s barrier.


100% of women found that their complexion is even more (Tests  conducted after 1 treatment )


Overall both treatments


The DermoPeeling Treatments can be found in leading Mary Cohr Salons :

Kohl Beauty Salon – B’KARA
Body Logic – NAXXAR
Elizir Beauty Salon – NAXXAR
D' Manifique - LUQA
Smoothline Beauty Salon – RABAT
Vivienne’s Beauty Salon – MARSASCALA
Pure Bliss Beauty Salon - MOSTA
Shiran Beauty Salon - ZABBAR
My Fair Lady - ZEJTUN


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